Marine Safety Training

Marine Training in BC

SVOP Campbell River, SVOP Port Hardy, MED-A3 Campbell River, MED-A3 Port Hardy, ROC-M VHF Campbell River, ROC-M VHF Port Hardy as well as other areas on Vancouver Island and all of Western Canada.
Transport Canada certifications are offered in Association with Excel Career College; a Transport Canada Authorized Training Provider.

We also offer Hands on Boat Training for you on your vessel or ours. Learn from some of the best Hands On Trainers in the Business. We have developed Training programs and assisted in the development of specific Boat handling techniques that are designed to have you transition from a "Boat Driver" to a "Boat Handler" in as quick a time frame as possible. We also offer Sail Canada Certified Training for Basic Cruising, Intermediate Cruising, Basic Power-boating, Intermediate Power-boating, and Coastal Navigation. 

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency - SVOP

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency - SVOP
The SVOP is a Transport Canada certification to operate a Small non-pleasure (commercial) vessel less than 5 Tonnes for Passenger and Cargo boats such as Crew boats, Work boats, Sport-fishing boats, Whale-watching vessels and for Fishing Vessels less than 15 Gross Tonnes.

Marine Emergency Duties Med - A3

Marine Emergency Duties A3 is a one day class concerned with EMERGENCIES that can happen onboard your small non-pleasure vessel. Such as fire fighting, distress signals, man overboard, abandon ship and cold water shock/hypothermia.


You require this course by law to legally operate a VHF radio on pleasure craft on non-pleasure vessels operating 25 miles or less from shore. VHF / DSC  is a vital piece of safety equipment allowing you to send and receive Distress, Urgency and Safety messages put out by other boaters and the Coast Guard.

Combined Courses - SVOP, Med - A3, VHF-ROC-M

Take all three Marine Safety Training courses, certify in SVOP, Med - A3, VHF-ROC-M and save $25.00.